Shoe Trader

And there's more still to come from the brand this year.

"This is our way of saying ‘thank you.’"

"We are seeing first-hand that Australians want to support Australian-made products."

"This collaboration brought about our most successful online sale date in history."

"This is just the beginning of what we believe can have a significant impact."

This is how the brand is operating in the current climate.

The new site will feature Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) solutions with a capacity to store over 1.2 million units.

"The Good Shoe collection of shoes was an afterthought, kind of like the icing on the cake."

This is the latest strategy in its premiumisation mission.

The athletes have created four dedicated Spotify playlists and will offer running advice to ANZ consumers.

The first G Flip collaboration sold out in 34 minutes.

"The shoot was inspired by...the hopeful return to a sense of normalcy."

The brand has released a new range to cater to the way consumers are wearing their shoes.

"We are very excited to once again be supplying a great quality, Australian made product to our customers."

"We believe this claim is without merit."

The business has designed polo shirts, jackets, shorts and belts.