Adidas Australia has called on four ANZ athletes to help it celebrate the launch of its '4DFWD' 3D printed running shoe. 

The business has tapped Australian cricketer Ellyse Perry, personal trainer Britt Cutts, AFL player Charlie Curnow and NZ runner Diego Malheiros to create four interactive microsite playlists on Spotify. 

The playlists are available to both free and premium users and have been created to support athletes throughout their run. 

To further celebrate the launch, Adidas is giving Australian and New Zealand-based consumers the opportunity to call on the ‘Adidas Support Crew’, formed by the above ambassadors, to help motivate, train, and offer advice to runners. 

"To access the program, Spotify listeners across Australia and New Zealand will simply text the Adidas support line, which will be hosted on the Adidas Spotify page for the chance to access a portfolio of specialist advice videos and to receive virtual support from a member of the Adidas crew," Adidas Australia said in a statement.

"Each member of the ‘Adidas Support Crew’ will share advice for three categories relating to their professional fields, to motivate and improve the performance of the consumers' run," the business said. 

The 4DFWD shoe has been created using3D printing to create a unique midsole lattice structure that redirects vertical impact forces into horizontal forward motion. 

The Adidas 4DFWD launched online and in-stores on September 02 and retails for $360. 

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