"We wanted to develop product for everyone, no matter what shape or size."

The business has run this campaign for 12 years.

The department store's parent company has released a trading update.

Is this the right time to talk about it? She says yes.

"The past few weeks may have been filled with uncertainty, but one thing remains crystal-clear..."

"Just as we want to see businesses survive to keep employing their staff, property owners will also want to see the retail sector survive."

If you have turnover of over $50 million, your feedback will help at a Federal Government level.

It has established a Global COVID-19 Task Force.

With self-quarantine taking place across the country, screen time is up 70%.

Their feedback has resulted in the following changes to laws and protocols.

"This is about getting cash into small businesses when they are struggling right now."

It is harnessing local manufacturing for a worthy new cause.

The Stimulus Advice Line has received over 200 calls since its launch.