The Gold Coast wants a piece of its bling.

The restructure is an Australian market first.

Each piece is handmade by the sisters themselves.

"It's all about on-demand and that's the way Showpo is headed as well."

Not over a year, but this summer alone.

The complete collection is designed for any occasion.

It has been seven years in the making.

The global activewear giant has been sleeping on the job.

A decision which will create a $131 billion battleground.

It all started with Donna Player.

70% of the remaining items are set to be private label.

The brand is opening multiple stores in this city.

The issue has now drawn the attention of Melbourne's fashion industry.

This collection has secured over 1,800 fashion retail accounts globally.

She has 1.2 million followers on Instagram - and she's blowing the whistle.