Melbourne-based footwear label Twoobs has welcomed the easing of lockdown restrictions with a refresh of its offering, launching an extended size range and new styles. 

The label's range is now genderless and caters to sizes EU 36-45, widening the scope of customers who can access the eco-friendly, vegan styles. 

To celebrate this move, the brand has launched a new take on its classic sandal, as well as introducing a slide to its offering. 

Aligning with its sustainability mission, the latest collection has been made from natural and repurposed materials, including recycled plastics, natural rubber, and an innovative carbon reducing material created from sugarcane.

And while the brand has emerged from lockdown with a refreshed collection, the brand is not done evolving yet. 

"Twoobs is more than just a footwear brand, we're a community," Twoobs said in a statement. 

"Our customers care deeply about the environment, and crave connection.

"The next step of our evolution is a podcast, where we'll tackle all the tough questions to figure out: can we save the planet… but make it fashion?

"We think that knowledge is power and we're determined to arm our community with all the tools they need make informed decisions," the business said. 

The Twoobs podcast will launch in November. 

The new Twoobs collection is available now on the brand's website. 

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