"In February 2013, we closed all of our stores down. This was a really tough decision to make."

"Often at times we need to juggle conflicting strategies that cover simultaneous market activity."

"Supplying Topshop with quick turnaround best sellers was a real turning point."

"Ten years ago you’d be asked if you were a fashion brand or a sports brand."

"The fashion industry needs to be accountable for what we produce."

"We found the 75% of visitors were either retailers, stylists or designers."

"In the world of fast fashion, I believe a positive change is coming."

"From 2010 to 2012 we had a significant decline in our revenue."

"I was able to create the same turnover as my competitors, but with 75% fewer staff."

Graeme Lewsey reports back from the groundbreaking capital of Berlin.

"Japan continues to be our largest market at around 42% of the business."

"There was something missing in Australia that was desperately required for the fashion industry."

"The challenge for the fashion industry is to deliver a quality and seamless multichannel experience."

"We’ve grown our digital database by 73% on the previous year."