• Rossi Boots - Shoemaker David Bailey and consultant and former factory manager Mike Williams.
    Rossi Boots - Shoemaker David Bailey and consultant and former factory manager Mike Williams.

South Australian bootmaker Rossi Boots has relaunched its local manufacturing, after it purchased the factory assets from Adaptive Industries in December 2020.

The 111-year old brand recommenced manufacturing in South Australia two months ago and is thrilled to be once again making boots locally, Rossi Boots and Propel Group chief executive Caroline Elliott said. 

"We are very excited to once again be supplying a great quality, Australian made product to our customers. 

"Manufacturing in South Australia, the birthplace of Rossi Boots, is important to the group.

"It was crucial that we keep this 111-year old manufacturing history alive," she said. 

However, the move hasn't come without its challenges, Elliott added. 

"The greatest challenge to the growth of manufacturing in Australia is access to skilled labour.

"So, we are very pleased to be working with the SA Department of Innovation and Skills to develop traineeships in Footwear Manufacturing as well as other support roles in warehousing and retail.

"This will ensure that not only South Australia, but wider Australia, has the opportunity to continue to manufacture footwear, and grow that capability, in our country," Elliott said. 

Rossi Boots was founded in 1910 by South Australian Arthur Rossiter, who supplied combat boots to the armed forces during both world wars. 

The brand then went onto make its popular Ripple and Endura Boots in the 1950s and 1993 respectively. 

South Australian Minister for Innovation and Skills David Pisoni said it was important to preserve the local brand. 

"Rossi Boots’ survival and expansion plans are a wonderful story of how high-quality Australian made goods can continue to flourish in the fiercely competitive footwear market," he said.

"The South Australian Government will work with Rossi Boots to ensure it has the skilled workforce it needs expand the production of its iconic boots," he said. 

Rossi Boots is part owned and managed by The Propel Group, which also owns brands RB Sellars and Driza-Bone.

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