Shoe Trader

"We are making the most of the opportunities caused by uncertainty in the market."

“About 15% of Australian footwear is online and we are not anywhere near that number yet."

Click and collect sales are driving the performance.

"I wanted to create something that was unique, comfortable and affordable."

It started on March 1. It will only continue to ramp up.

This is the first guaranatee of its kind.

The Australian designer brand that helped Reebok score.

It follows a string of fashion collapses this year.

It's one of the most influential menswear events in the world.

Here's the big bombshell: almost everything is negotiable.

"This news shows that well-known brands are surrendering to mounting pressure."

He just became this company's largest single shareholder.

The brand has 'revamped' this traditional footwear design.

Is it Wittner? Novo? Wanted? This shoe retailer is getting consistently high results.

Following the launch in Australia, the sandals will be launched in the UK and the USA.