Shoe Trader

The product offering will be changing within the next six months.

“This was an opportunity to create an exclusive line of boots for loyal Wittner customers."

The brand opened its new store with a bang.

The money will be used to support research and development of sustainable materials.

The brand celebrates 60 years in business.

"Sneakers have already become a permanent staple in our customers' wardrobe."

"We're excited to keep working with the club at an elevated level.”

The ABS has released new data into the sector.

“The result is a good looking shoe."

How a simple eCommerce strategy is driving sales for retailers.

“It’s completely unacceptable, not just at Christmas but all year round."

It may help you reduce your environmental impact.

"If I can create that relation between our product to our consumers, I think it's going to be a much more long-term game for us."

The business has saved 60,000 tyres from going to landfill already.