Shoe Trader

Customers will have 24/7 access to Nike, Adidas and Converse.

The Summer Romance collection is priced at $99.95 and under.

A total of 195 stores and four footwear brands have been acquired.

That is, if you want to sell 49,067 pairs of shoes in November.

"31% of our impressions would come from Instagram."

According to this, it's time to talk to your trade partners about product differentiation and price points.

This strategy launched during the State of Origin broadcast.

It's one category that continues to trade strong.

This is a brand collaboration with a sporty difference

The brand will look to open 20 stores in 12 months, as well as expand product range.

Blundstone has revitalised its brand positioning after 147 years in business.

The online retailer is about to become a sole trader.

Because Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia isn't just about the clothes.

All pieces are cut, skived, sewn, sculpted, lasted and painted by hand.

Here's how footwear is holding up in a tough retail climate.