Shoe Trader

Close to 10,000 Australians took part in the study.

This collaboration will help support over 17,000 women and 150 men.

Australia is the top country in the world searching for this quality.

Their brand uses a 500-year old shoe design technique.

The sneaker destination credits Melbourne for the news.

"We’ve sat at kitchen tables with our suppliers’ families, shared wine and humbly taken on their advice."

The brand also opted to avoid the use of 'mainstream' models.

"We are certainly not talking ten years, we are talking a couple of years."

It all started in Julius Marlow's Melbourne head office.

It is already across the UK, China, Australia and the US.

"If they are going to buy sneakers off each other we’d rather they do that in our stores than in the carpark."

“The company and business has grown and expanded more than I ever imagined."

The new line, sourced on a European visit last year, is designed and crafted in Spain.

"Last season, for my inaugural collection, I hand-made all the shoes myself in my studio."

It will automate the footwear design process, while expanding the offer nationally and internationally.