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“Our engagement rate from an organic point was sitting around 1.8% for a while there."

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"I sold my car and used every single dollar I had to my name to use as working capital for Made Status Clothing."

“The last thing you want to do in early stage rounds is give investors a lot of rights."

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"Since day one we’ve experienced strong sales at our store."

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"We realise that it is tough out there and that for some of our accounts, Elk can attribute up to 70% of sales."

30% of customers account for some 50 to 65% of sales. Knowing these customers and retaining them is key to long term success.

"A growing trend towards bargain hunting has emerged."

"Pay the people you work with, suppliers included, before you pay yourself."

"The customer was telling us that we were daggy, old, boring and we’re hard to shop."

"It’s really important to me that we work toward perfection and not a timeline."