Mosaic Brands intends to defend itself against a lawsuit brought against it by US-based Crocs Inc. 

According to a report by The New Daily (TND), Crocs claims that Mosaic Brands has been selling illegal imitations of Crocs to shoppers.

The TND report states that Crocs alleges Mosaic Brands broke consumer laws by selling shoes “substantially identical” to Crocs. 

However, Mosaic Brands told Ragtrader, "we believe this claim is without merit and we will be defending it." 

Crocs' claims against Mosaic comes as it takes other companies to court for infringements of its registered trademarks. 

21 US companies – including Walmart – have been named in various lawsuits filed by Crocs in US District Courts around the country. 

Crocs executive VP and chief legal and risk officer Daniel Hart said the brand is committed to defending its trademarks and IP. 

"These actions underscore our determination to take forceful steps to protect our trademarks and other intellectual property. 

"It is essential that we protect Crocs' iconic DNA, and we will not tolerate the infringement of our rights or those who try to freeride on the investments we have made in our brand," he said of the US cases. 

In the US cases, Crocs is seeking monetary damages for violations of certain intellectual property relating to Crocs' three-dimensional trademark rights.

Similarly, TND reports that Crocs wants Mosaic Brands to pay damages and a fine over alleged breaches of Australian Consumer Law. 

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