It is believed this was due to a staged pro-Palestinian demonstration last weekend.

The fashion industry has defied all other industries when it comes to year-on-year CPI inflation.

The Canadian retailer will also launch a dedicated website for Australia on December 11.

Three 2023 Australian Fashion Laureate winners reveal what it takes to succeed in the industry.

The campaign involves both out-of-home advertising, alongside digital and social media.

The 3,600 square metre space includes an NBA-sized basketball half-court on the rooftop above.

Some farmers reportedly suffered millions of dollars worth of lost production last year due to spray drift.

Chinese fashion giant Shein, which is reportedly worth over $100 billion, came first.

Buying intentions improved for a second straight week as shoppers bought into Black Friday sales.

The jeweller installed fog cannons, dual pendant alarms, and improved store fortification requirements in 2023.

The low-price retailer is aiming to raise over half a million dollars this year through the appeal.

Department store sales have also fallen, with the only winners in retail being essentials.

The apparel brand focuses on increasing its support of local manufacturers and suppliers. 

The sponsorship will also cover the new global tennis tournament, the United Cup.

Eleven industry peak bodies is accusing the Labor Government of "rushing" workplace relation legislation.

Australian-based fashion label Nagnata also made the top ten, among global entities such as Patagonia.