It’s not letting COVID-19 interrupt expansion plans.

Both the Melbourne Gift Fair and Life InStyle shows have been moved to 2021.

If you look at the numbers, it was so close to turning.

"Owning land no longer automatically makes you rich. Instead, it’s a constant battle to make it provide any return at all. "

The new site has been designed with a 'mobile-first' approach.

The eTailer originally aimed to raise $15 million, but has instead raised $20 million.

Stores in 36 shopping centres and seven strip malls will be impacted.

This is a reminder to all retailers, with Marcs and Lululemon previously hauled up on the same grounds.

"It’s clear we are on the cusp of our second wave."

Retailers and designers could be operating to very different timelines.

"In the first year since launch, we’ve worked closely with many startups."

The business has also raised more than $20,000.

Target has a partnership that will offset store closures this year.

The Australian arm of a global business is in the hands of administrators.