"A disconnect remains between consumer expectations and how brands collect and use personal data."

The retailer is set to grow its Australian business as a key market in the Asia-Pacific region.

Colleen Callander has partnered with performance coach Shannah Kennedy on the venture.

Western Australia is the first in the world to ban some of these items, with retailers starting to trial alternatives.

Australian retailers have reported back on the issue - and the majority of responses are unexpected.

The insights are derived from over 3 million active consumers and 1,400 luxury sellers on the marketplace.

The youthwear retailer is targeting 75 stores by FY26.

The project follows Guerreisms from Manhattan to Italy.

Next month, six designers will compete for a record prize pool.

The store will be the first in a national rollout spanning NSW, Victoria and Queensland.

The trade event will showcase local makers, designers and products.

The investment is set to grow in a boon for Victorian-based factories.

The retailer has praised recovery efforts from its local team.

This month, NSW became the final jurisdiction to ban lightweight plastic bags 13 years after it was first done by South Australia.

“Our customers' reaction to this store has been overwhelming."

The womenswear brand has delivered on a campaign that has run for three years.