“This was one of those ideas that had been brewing for a while.”

Here Deravi explains how her business has grown since Ragtrader last spoke to her.

"It is great to see our customers having a reason to get dressed up again."

"When you’re green, you’re growing, and when you’re ripe, you’re rotting."

"Every day and every week is different depending where we are at in the sourcing cycle."

"Always work with people who have speciality skill sets."

"A project that really stands out for me is introducing editorial content to Asos."

"Being part of a family-owned business, I started my career very early!"

“In our transition to a circular economy we will continue to incorporate more recycled materials into our product."

"In our first two weeks we had a 19% sell through, with very little marketing behind it."

The eTailer's head of digital talks AI, iOS updates and platform migrations.

This is how the brand is elevating and driving its product forward.

"Seeing the emergence of creativity through the background of COVID is something I'm enjoying."

"We are witnessing a renewed movement to natural fibres, Australian made and a preference to more sustainable style."