"Each year we host one of a kind events for our clients."

"We are doing everything we can to avoid 'lazy retailing'."

"The campaign reached over 12 million people in the first week."

"We collect as much data as possible to help us navigate any risk."

"The biggest challenge ahead for retailers is the economic environment."

"I feel strongly about the opportunity I now have, to give back."

"If I roll the clock back close to a year ago, the business was really not performing well at all."

"In February 2013, we closed all of our stores down. This was a really tough decision to make."

"Often at times we need to juggle conflicting strategies that cover simultaneous market activity."

"Supplying Topshop with quick turnaround best sellers was a real turning point."

"Ten years ago you’d be asked if you were a fashion brand or a sports brand."

"The fashion industry needs to be accountable for what we produce."

"We found the 75% of visitors were either retailers, stylists or designers."

"In the world of fast fashion, I believe a positive change is coming."