"The challenge for the fashion industry is to deliver a quality and seamless multichannel experience."

"We’ve grown our digital database by 73% on the previous year."

"You don’t always get it right 100% of the time, which can be disappointing."

"Doing retail first defeated the struggles of a new wholesale business."

"We’re growing from a startup to a proper company and that takes time to get used to."

"We’re going to see less 12 month seasonality buying cycles and much more on-demand manufacturing."

"A year ago, we made a commitment that we wouldn’t be working with any factories which are not ethically accredited."

"I was thrown straight into the deep end at Ellery."

"Changing the way the industry is viewed is always going to be a challenge."

"'See now, buy now’ runway formats are certain to become more prevalent."

"Music artists often only release an album every few years, whilst fashion houses are expected to produce new collections constantly."

"You only have yourself, social media and your own wits to get you by."

What's the biggest change coming? Amazon launching in Australia.

"It’s a very long road to becoming a household name."

"Kmart has the most advanced design model for a department store in Australia."

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