It’s not just women’s fashion that will be scoped by the bank.

This will affect stores in Australia and New Zealand.

This strategy already accounts for 7% of all transactions in boutiques throughout Australia.

"It has been dominating the street style scene for several seasons."

These are the Australian fashion industry's most influential figureheads.

It generated $75 million in revenue this year - not enough to save its scalp.

The retailer is the first Australian department store to do this.

Several economic levers have been pulled in recent months.

There are 4 factors holding them back from making a purchase.

The government is becoming increasingly fed up with our industry.

Nicky Zimmermann takes us behind the scenes.

"This learning process led to making many mistakes which I like to refer to as lessons."

In one of the toughest trading climates, there's still cash out there.

The move could help it recoup some of its $437 million losses this year.

"We hope to keep the momentum going."