"There is huge potential for Shein in Australia."

The move comes as it embarks on a new 5 Year Strategic Plan.

The fashion brand breached two clauses in marketing to consumers.

“We’re proud to have been the first Australian brand to sign on in 1964."

The joint presentation follows one of the most exciting acquisitions of the year.

This is the first time an Australian fashion retailer has done this.

The womenswear designer has entered into new territory.

"The initiative is part of David Jones' ongoing commitment to supporting diverse design perspectives."

The designer made a comeback to the runway, signaling a new approach to business.

“The last two years have provided us the unique opportunity to expand.”

“As a brand, it’s important we continue to bring the best of International and local designers to our stores.”

“Most discretionary spending industries experienced rises in volumes.”

Bethany Hamilton has fronted the inaugural venture.

The latest move comes after its first ever fashion show in South Korea.

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has confirmed he would support a 5.1% increase to the minimum wage.

"We've had regular feedback from our customers over the past few years."