It will be the single largest capital investment the group has ever made.

The initiative will establish a benchmark for First Nations collaborations in the future.

"Fashion rental has a vital role in transitions to sustainability in fashion," UTS associate professor Timo Rissanen said.

In 2022, Kmart and Bunnings halted the use of FR technology in Australia after a similar inquiry was launched.

The range includes a Wiggles-style Bonds' Whoopsies toilet training undies.

Aotearoa/New Zealand's GDP contracted by 0.1% in the December quarter.

The 15-year-old brand joins 8,000 other B Corp certified businesses across the globe.

The Australian Capital Territory recorded a double-digit growth in clothing and footwear spending.

The campaign is expected to evolve ahead in the lead up to Mother's Day on May 12.

The CEO is expected to receive the largest sum of around $9.3 million.

GM of sport, beauty and home Josh Nunan reveals the business insights behind the collaboration.

The global athleticwear retailer launched an enzymatically recycled nylon 6,6 style in February with the same Aussie enviro-tech startup.

It adds to the brand's already established retail footprint in Australia and New Zealand.

Namoi operates 11 cotton gins in regional NSW and QLD.

The initiative is intended to solve two key issues.

Chairman Bernie Brookes confirmed the business could be sold or work towards a DOCA.