Shoe Trader

The business has teamed up with Culture is Life to educate its team.

The boot is handcrafted in Australia and passes through 90 pairs of hands before completion.

Creative director Tommy Mallet discusses the strategy for the brand here.

Brand manager Chris Perkins chats strategy, success and challenges of the 6-month old brand.

"Unfortunately we are becoming good at closing stores."

The thread also has anti-counterfeiting properties.

The marketing executive joins the business after it unveiled its new brand direction and look in May.

After a global pandemic, here's where the strategy is at now.

This partnership in 2012 helped the brand get to where it is today.

The business isn't shying away from these conversations.

This launch will allow the brand to tap into a whole new group of consumers.

The business has revealed how it keeps the heritage brand relevant to the customer.

MFG has grown to be a $300 million business and is Australia's largest privately held footwear company.

The business has publicly praised the performance of this acquired brand.