Sports footwear brand, Under Armour (UA), has released its first full suite of its Hovr style, catering to multiple different running styles with five differing sneaker styles.

Each of the shoes is built on the UA Hovr cushioning platform, a compund which was formulated in partnership with Dow Chemical, which gives the runner a combination of cushioning, energy return and shock absorption.

The UA Hovr styles are also digitally connected to the runner's MapMyRun app, to give them up-to-date information and data on their running performance.

In a statement, UA said that it strives to give runner's the tools they need to help elevate their perfomance.

"Under Armour is committed to giving athletes the tools they need to push themselves beyond what they think is possible.

"That is why every single one of these high-performance running shoes is digitally connected, allowing the runner to seamlessly connect their shoe to the MapMyRun app, unlocking access to the runner’s performance data and personalised coaching.

"Having the proper footwear is paramount for all runners – whether someone is a professional runner competing at the highest level, or a new runner buying their first pair of run shoes to train for their first 10K.

"Taking care of the body is a necessity, and Under Armour’s new suite of UA Hovr run shoes are designed with that in mind."

Each of the styles are available in Australia online and in-store at Under Armour brand Houses and Rebel Sport. The pricing ranges from $180 to $220.

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