Online Australian retailer, Boutique Retailer, optimises many online channels to sell products.

Aside from its own website, Boutique Retailer sells shoes on eBay and Catch, as well as both the American Amazon platform and the relatively new Australian version of the site.


Speaking to founder and CEO of Boutique Retailer, Val Brusylovsky, after he had launched products on Amazon Australia, Shoe Trader was interested to know how consumers respond to the products on the American versus the Australian Amazon platform.


Brusylovsky said that the focus for the US is Boutique Retailer's private label brands and that the Australian market performs differently to the US.


“[Compared to Australia] we find that the US market is a completely different market.


“We have some of our own private labels and brands that we manufacture and source ourselves directly. They tend to be the items that we sell over in the US, just because the brands that we deal with, we have arrangements where we might not necessarily be able to sell into the US.


“So for some of our shoe brands we don't have the licenses or the approval to sell in the US, whereas with our own private label brands, we've got a lot more freedom with that and that's what we're focusing on in the US.


“They are different, definitely. The collections are different and we see a massive difference in the velocity of sales in the US compared to Australia and I don't think you can compare the two, even though they are both Amazon.


“The [private label] products that we have in the US, we also have in Australia and we see much deeper sell-through in the US because of the population [and] the demographics [for example].


“However if we speak relatively, then we're getting similar results across the board. However we can't compare Amazon US to Australia yet just because it wouldn't make sense to,” he said.



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