St. Sana brand manager Chris Perkins discusses what makes St. Sana a hit with customers, as well as why the business chose Myer as its retail partner. 

What do you believe are the reasons for St. Sana's success?

Our success comes down to listening, understanding, and in turn creating footwear that empowers the individual to feel confident and stylish.

Our customers have responded to our ethos of sustainability and design, also we ensured it was accessible to everyone through the price point.

With the strong backing from strategic partnerships with major retailers, St. Sana will continue to evolve and grow to provide our customers with what they desire.

Why did the business choose Myer as retail partner?

Myer is and has always been one of Australia’s largest retailers at the forefront of consumer innovation.

They have built a strong consumer base and have global recognition as being leaders in the department store segment and successfully integrated their online shopping experience.

The key contributor to our decision is that Myer is committed to sustainable practices which have been incorporated into their buying practices. 

We were drawn to their well thought out mix of high and middle-end brands and felt they complemented our contemporary luxe style.

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