Munro Footwear Group has launched a new range for its Ziera brand, bringing Ziera Lite to the market. 

The brand was acquired by the footwear giant in December 2019 and has since been publicly praised by the retailer for its performance, especially online. 

According to MFG, the brand's strong performance has continued throughout the pandemic, with the brand continuing to break sales records week after week. 

Now, the new Ziera Lite range is set to bring another channel of growth to the brand. 

Each shoe in the Ziera Lite range weighs 240g and blends fashion with scientific podiatric support.

Each pair features a rubberised EVA sole, lightweight shank and EVA foam sock paired with sturdy heel counters.

Ziera footwear designer Laura Boulton said the shoes have been designed to cater to different foot requirements. 

"It’s our lightest product yet that still offers all the other great features of a Ziera product, such as our comfort plus footbed.

"Ziera footbeds have been engineered to offer support in all the right places.

"The premium leathers are chosen carefully so that they are comfortable on the foot and every individual style is designed to cater for different foot requirements," she said. 

Ziera marketing coordinator Hayley Kindness praised the launch of the new range. 

"Ziera Lite has been such an exciting process to work on and the final product and campaign is above and beyond my expectations.

"The customers' comfort is always at the forefront of our mind while developing the product and creating marketing campaigns.

"I know that this is another step forward in an extremely successful future for Ziera," she said. 

The Ziera Lite range is available online now and retails from $219.95. 

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