Australian footwear brand, Volley, will make its debut on Platypus shelves at the retailers' new Melbourne Central flagship store in December.


In 2016, Volley launched its 'Grassroots' marketing campaign – which introduced the 'Play On' tagline to the brand – and ignited a new direction for the business.


The campaign utilised a strong digital presence, as well as striking marketing material, to help reposition the brand and boost sales.


The campaign proved so successful for the business that in the past year, Volley has seen its profitability double, while its online sales have boomed, increasing by 164%. Volley has also seen its wholesale channels lift by 20%.


This revamp of the brand and the response of the market has paid off for Volley, which will now see its products on the shelves of premium sneaker retailer Platypus, for the first time, instead of on the shelves at discount department stores.


Brand manager at Volley, John Szwede, said that the work the business has put in has clearly paid off.


“The Volley team has worked tirelessly to build brand heat around our iconic shoe.


“Our inclusion on the shelves of such a premium sneaker retailer is testament to that dedication.”


Playpus will stock the Heritage International and Heritage High Leaps ranges from December 01.


Volley also launched it's F**k Off range as part of the 'Grassroots' campaign and has seen customers respond so well to the collection, that it is already in its third production run.


Volley is also planning to see massive growth in China in the coming years, with the brand expecting to open a minimum of 50 stores across the Republic of China by the end of 2020.


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