Taller is the brainchild of Melbourne professional violinist, Jennen Ngiau-Keng.

The brand offers elevator shoes for men, providing an extra five to 10 centimetres lift through a discreet internal platform.

Crafted from leather, canvas and polyurethane, Taller is celebrating its 10th year in business.

Ngiau-Keng started the brand after performing on-stage with the Australian Chamber Orchestra, noticing a significant height difference among the men and women in high heels.

With funds saved from violin competition wins, Ngiau-Keng began the Taller journey - building an online store and housing a 600 shoe-filled warehouse in his family home.

From totaling just over 100 sales in his first year, Ngiau-Keng has grown Taller over the last 10 years to help make more than 30,000 Australian men taller.

“The company and business has grown and expanded more than I ever imagined.

"In the absence of a business background, the learning process over the last decade has been fun, sometimes challenging and always educational.”

“I want to provide men with the opportunity to feel more confident about purchasing a pair of good-quality, fashionable shoes that don’t break thebank, and have an added bonus."

Taller is currently available online at and in three Taller retail stores around Australia - Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

All online orders are dispatched within one business day with free delivery Australia-wide.

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