New Zealand-based Deuce sneakers is set to launch a design competition for Australian and New Zealand customers. 

The competition invites fans to design a motif, pattern or doodle, with the winning design featured in the brand's SS20 collection. 

The competition will open on April 11 and will be open for submissions to April 19. 

Consumers will be able to vote for their favourite design of the top 10 designs from April 22 to April 24, with the winner announced on April 29. 

In announcing the competition to consumers, Deuce said it is another way for people to stay engaged with the brand and entertained while in isolation. 

"Houseparty might be good for kicks when you're in your bubble, but some day, sometime we're all going to be out and about again. 

"Deuce is designed in NZ which is why we're asking Kiwis and Australians like you to design the canvas sneakers you'd like to step out of iso in. 

"We'll take the best ideas and turn them into a pair of custom kicks for you and your bubble buddy and feature them in our SS20 range as an exclusive limited edition release!

"Wear out your old kicks pacing your living room/balcony/luxury lockdown villa/superyacht while you wait for us to announce the winners and check out other people's submissions while you do on our Instagram." 

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