Clarks Australia marketing manager Jamie Kouktzelas has revealed to Ragtrader one of the key metrics it uses to measure success for its Wallabee style. 

After the Wallabees were spotted on Justin Bieber, Drake, Kanye West, and David Beckham, Kouktzelas told Ragtrader that Clarks considers these celebrity moments as a measurement of the brand's success. 

"With celebrities in pop culture and sub cultures wearing Wallabees, it grows brand heat and talkability.

"And that’s the key measure for us when we talk about what success looks like for this brand.

"We’ve seen such great success, excitement and energy around the collaborations we do with Clarks Originals such as, WuTang, Aime Leon Dore and more.

"We launch with limited edition styling and quantities and we immediately see growth in search interest, social media engagement and sales," she said.

Forming part of the brand's 'Originals' collection, Kouktzelas added the Wallabee style is an evergreen style for the brand. 

"Clarks Originals is a perennial brand, with two key styles really driving its growth.

"Because of the limited silhouettes, it has allowed us to grow and develop brand heat around our icons; the Wallabee and Desert Boot.

"Much like other brands that sit in this space, we have iconic styles that will always be around and will always spark interest due to who is wearing them and what they stand for," she said. 

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