• Sara Caverley - Caverley Shoes founder
    Sara Caverley - Caverley Shoes founder

Caverley Shoes has partnered with Applied DNA Sciences and American & Efird (A&E) to launch a sustainable anti-counterfeit thread into upcoming Caverley collections. 

The brand, founded by former Sol Sana creative director and founder Sara Caverley, has introduced the technology to give it enhanced oversight of its supply chain, Caverley told Ragtrader. 

"Brand integrity is extremely important to me and our team," she said. 

"We’ve learned, sometimes the hard way, through our years in the industry all the trials and tribulations and the importance of supply chain security.

"Integrity thread is an advanced identification sewing thread that is tagged with a unique molecular tag specific to my product.

"ECO100 is the newest innovation in the line using 100% recycled fibres in the thread.

"Those threads are sewn into my upcoming collections to protect against counterfeiting as well as ensuring we are providing the highest quality materials.

"Using this thread, we can now tag, test and track all of our materials and inventory from point of origin through to finished product, providing us with brand security, proof of our commitment to our customers, and peace of mind for our team," she said. 

Caverley added that both the business and its customers will benefit from the introduction of the thread. 

"We are rolling out the usage of the eco-thread in our subsequent collections and believe we are setting up our business to reap the benefits for the long run.

"We will never have to second guess where our raw materials are derived from, offering our customers tangible proof of the one-of-a-kind leather we provide in every single SKU.

"We will also be able to protect our brand and our customers from the booming counterfeit business, ensuring that our customers are receiving authentic Caverley shoes, never knock-offs," she said. 

Caverley Shoes was founded in 2019 after Caverley left her first footwear brand Sol Sana in 2018. 

Caverley is operated out of New York but has Australian retail partners including The Iconic and David Jones. 

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