Betts has furthered its sustainability mission, with the introduction of its new recycled tote. 

The bag is made from eight plastic bottles and is one of "the best bags you will ever own," Betts Group digital marketing manager Lena Kozak said. 

"This bag is made of rubbish.

"That's why it's one of the best bags you will ever own.

"Sincere thanks to everyone who's been working on this project: Meg Rabe for clean design that adds value, Shaun Same and his team for production, Hayden Same and Lauren Farrow for spectacular product photography, and the whole of Betts' leadership team, who commenced sustainability journey a few years back and persevere in the pursuit of minimising environmental impact," she said. 

The bag follows Betts' other efforts to become more eco-conscious, including the launch of the men's and women's 'Zeroe' collection. 

Betts' Zeroe range incorporates algae biomass material 'Bloom' in the soles, uses recycled fabric for the uppers as well as water-based glues.

Betts launched the women's Zeroe range in October and followed it up with a men's collection in April this year. 

Speaking on the Zeroe range, Betts Group CEO Todd Wilner said the pandemic has driven customer's desire to purchase eco-friendly, local products. 

"Since the arrival of COVID-19 in our community we are aware that people are making a concerted effort to support local businesses.

"Our shared experience of having to live locally for an extended period has changed our shopping habits, partly because we are able to see, very clearly the benefit shopping locally has on our community.

"We are a family run Perth based business and our shoes are designed here in Australia.

"We have witnessed this new, more mindful and considered approach to shopping, along with a collective desire to prioritise quality and comfort during this time," he said in April. 

The new recycled tote is available to purchase online now for $2.99. 


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