Footwear brands Alias Mae and The Nowhere Nation have put their souls where their soles are.

The two labels are among those enlisted to tech startup, i=Change, which uses eCommerce sales to fund women and girls' development projects in Australia and 13 other countries.

i=Change has confirmed it has raised $1 million for the intiative so far and helped 250,000 women and girls.

The $1 million milestone has been achieved by e-commerce brands giving back $1 from every sale and after checking out, empowering their customers to choose where it goes.

Customers can also track the impact of their purchase and choice in real-time.

i=Change founder Jeremy Meltzer said that consumers increasingly want to see more brands supporting a good cause.

“Now more than ever consumers – especially millennials – want to support brands that have a 'purpose beyond product'.

“This is becoming the 'new normal'; retail as a force for good, unleashing the potential of women and girls, and significantly contribute to creating the world we all wish to see."


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