In this episode of Ragtrader Radio, proudly sponsored by Klarna, we delve into Kathmandu.

We start by discussing the launch of Biodown, Kathmandu’s first completely biodegradable jacket which is a part of their net zero waste target by 2025. This activation was undertaken in conjunction with sustainability activist Joost Bakker and Apparel, and was hosted over three days in Fed Square in Melbourne.

We then move onto exploring the design considerations of the jacket and get an insight into Kathmandu’s wider mission to move towards eco-friendly and circular products.

This can be seen in their partnership with the Renewal Workshop, which is a part of their circularity mapping program that aims to reduce the amount of textiles going to landfill. This opens the discussion to Kathmandu’s B Corp status and their positive workplace culture initiatives.

We also discuss the impact that the return of travelling and exploring nature after COVID lockdowns has had on their business and get an insight into the name change from Kathmandu Holdings to KMD Brands, which hosts the major outdoor brands Ripcurl, Oboz and Kathmandu.

We wrap up by looking at the plans for Kathmandu in 2022 which aims to build upon the brand and launch internationally in France, Germany, Canada and the UK in September.

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