Episode 3 of Ragtrader Radio has landed! 

This episode features Hugo Boss SEAPAC MD Matthew Keighran discussing the brand's casualisation mission, its digital campaigns for the Russell Athletic partnership and what the brand is working towards for the future.   

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Getting fashionably casual while leveraging social media like a boss, with Matthew Keighran of Hugo Boss

Imogen Bailey, Associate Editor of Ragtrader magazine and host of Ragtrader Radio, talks with Matthew Keighran, SEAPAC Managing Director for Hugo Boss about their social media successes and expansion into sportswear and casualwear.

We start by dissecting their extremely successful ‘#bossmoves’ campaign and the risks that Hugo Boss undertook by expanding into sportswear. Matthew describes their collaboration with Russell Athletic and introduces us to the “revenge spending” we're encountering now that lockdowns are lifted.

The discussion moves on to Hugo Boss’s use of word-of-mouth marketing, provision of personal and memorable customer experiences and engaging Chris Hemsworth as a brand ambassador during the COVID induced remote working conditions.

We wrap the episode up with Hugo Boss offering ‘Virtual stores,’ driving the casualisation of work clothing that allows their tailored style help consumers feel smart, confident and casual at the same time.

This episode of Ragtrader Radio is proudly sponsored by Klarna.

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