Jackson Jansen, who has 1.1 million followers on TikTok, shares insights for brands. 

Which content performs best for you?

Comedy and dance trends work best for me.

Comedy because people can relate and I think people enjoy the different characters I create.

Dance because I already work professionally as a dancer so I know what looks good on camera.

What is your best performing video?

I have a couple of videos with 10+ mil views (photo video, twisty video, anything with my pink glasses on) but I think because I took the trend and added something completely different to it so it wasn't the same old boring trend.

Which fashion brands have you worked with?

I've worked with Superdry and Heelys. It was so much fun they give full creative freedom and it works really well!

What are some dos and don'ts for the platform?

Nothing sexist or racist (obviously), no hand guns or knives in the videos, some get taken down for even gun sounds!

What is your advice to brands when they want to work with TikTok content creators?

Let us know what age, demographic and style you want the video to engage with and we will do the rest.

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