• Ngali founder - Denni Francisco
    Ngali founder - Denni Francisco

Ngali founder Denni Francisco discusses how the Melbourne Fashion Festival and other fashion events impact her label. 

The opportunity to be in this year's MFF was significant as it allowed Indigenous labels the opportunity to present Indigenous creativity, and in doing so, increases our visability in the fashion space.

Seeing the emergence of creativity through the background of COVID is something I'm enjoying.

I see it as promoting a positive way forward, witnessing the great job one by the MFF team to adapt and adjust to ensure a fantastic program despite the challenges.

I feel as creatives we are all working together to create something special.

Meanwhile, we have worked harder and more creatively (hopefully) in further building our relationship with our customers, reflecting and preparing for business post-COVID. 

Last year, the lack of events meant we were not able to benefit from the activity that is generated from fashion events - positive impacts such as sales revenue and also building brand awareness and connection to potential customers. 

Fashion events are such inspiring events in the creative space so in 2020 there was definitely a feeling of loss in this regard.

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