Maggie.T buyer Christine Posa takes us behind the scenes of the brand post-administration.

What is your previous experience in the industry?

Born in Auckland, I began my fashion career in the late 70’s NZ working for five years before discovering the vast career opportunities abroad.

At the age of 21, I flew to London eager to broaden my horizons. Living and working in London, supplying Miss Selfridge and Topshop with quick turnaround best sellers was a real turning point in my career.

Having exposure to international markets opened my eyes both creatively and commercially. Back then taking a day trip to Paris for the Pret a Porter each season was super exciting.

After four years in London (without a summer) it was time for me to head home. Auckland couldn’t offer the exciting career opportunities

I craved so I arrived in Melbourne and eventually moved to Sydney where I have settled eventually finding my niche in the mature end of women’s fashion.

Having already launched three brands during my career in Sydney; N&VY for Image Clothing, Aero for Dolina and most recently rebranding and re-inventing the Wombat label into the now successful W.Lane brand at PGFG for nine years, the opportunity to launch the Maggie T brand in Millers was a perfect fit for me.

What's your day to day role?

With our M.T customer in mind my day is always varied, from matching prints and colours together to create optimum phasing, as well as being hands on in all aspects of developing the brand.

This includes attending every fit session, approving every print strike off and colour lab dip, as well as being part of every photoshoot to ensure we stay true to our M.T brand at all touch points.

For me it’s all in the detail which our customers instantly recognise.

What's the biggest challenge?

Introducing a new brand has many challenges in itself, particularly one already recognised as an iconic Australian designer brand.

The Maggie.T collection will focus on elegant design, great fit and age appropriate timeless garments for the contemporary mature woman.

Over the years my finely tuned style instincts are always searching for “that” perfect piece that will bypass the fashion cycle and become a wardrobe staple, now that’s a challenge!

What's the most rewarding?

Many of our competitors have walked away from the mature market, preferring the younger customer with a higher disposable income, so when our customers walk into store and find garments that fit and flatter her figure and appeal to her old fashioned values of quality and workmanship it’s like she’s found a long lost friend.

Spending time on the shop floor with customers trying on garments, having that enjoyable shopping experience and watching them walk out with a smile on their face and a new spring in their step, making them feel special, for me these are the most rewarding moments.

What's the biggest change ahead?
For me staying relevant to our customer and continuing to evolve is so important. Our customer  has  more choice than ever before, so we need to ensure our designs standout in the market place.Ensuring her customer experience is memorable will bring her back to store time and time again.Our baby boomer population is exploding, and we need to give her the best customer experience ever.

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