• Laura Hunt - Showpo product development manager
    Laura Hunt - Showpo product development manager

Showpo product development manager Laura Hunt discusses the product development process and the changes that are happening internally. 

What are some of the highlights of your role?

Being able to be creative and inspire creativity within my team is a huge highlight of my role.

I absolutely love fashion and I am in my element whilst working on creating the ranges and being around the product all day!

I am incredibly fortunate to be working with such a fantastic team, not only the individuals that I manage, but upper management too.

My team is incredibly dynamic and thrive working at a fast pace to key target deadlines.

Each part of the process from delivering concept styles for sketch sign off through to presenting fit approved styles for buy sign off is a huge highlight of my role.

I know how much thought, effort and hard work has gone into every style created from each member of my team and it's an incredibly rewarding role.

What are some of the biggest design trends right now that Showpo sources?

The 70s is having a huge moment for us, and our summer range is heavily influenced by the 70s electric vibes, neon pastels and pattern play for days!

Hemlines are short, flared hems and cuffs feature and diverse fabrications are key.

We are really focusing on diversifying the fabrics we use, driving forward quality for our customers.

What makes Showpo different in how it sources and designs fashion?

Like most retailers we draw a lot of inspiration from what we are seeing from catwalk shows, trend forecasting organisation WGSN and social media (Instagram and TikTok).

But I think what sets us apart, and makes our approach unique, is that we are an incredibly inclusive brand, and we really value input and opinions from everyone within the product team no matter your position.

If someone is really feeling for a new trend or wants to shout out about something fabulous they have seen and love, they post it in our group ‘I saw it I loved it’ for the buying and design team to review/comment on, and I think that's an incredible asset that we have.


How do you determine consumers' fashion needs, and how do you fulfil them?

We have two elements to our design team; one side designs into our monthly ranges and the other focuses purely on developments.

Some developments we can turn around to market in eight weeks from concept to delivery.

It’s super important for the team to have their eye on the market and trade at all times.

Awareness of the market and up and coming trends is something I really drive forward within my team, to be successful in fashion you need to live and breathe it, it’s never a nine to five job.

In addition to market awareness, I manage ‘key focus’ areas for the business, directing what product areas and micro launches the product team will undertake at different times of the year based on seasonality and our customers' social calendars.

Within the buying/design department, what are some exciting developments at Showpo?

Driving a new variety of fabrications into our Showpo product.

We are working incredibly hard behind the scenes to source and make the best fabric decisions we can and drive forward a higher percentage mix of natural/recycled fibres into our main range product.

We have undertaken a lot of research with regards to fabrics and fabric sourcing and through this process, we have seen that it has significantly elevated and driven our product forward.

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