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Ragtrader speaks to Erin Pritchett as the final part of a four-part interview with this years designers from the Powerhouse Museum's Student Fashion exhibition.

The exhibition will run until October 18.

What opportunities does this exhibit provide you as student designers?

The exhibition provides an amazing platform for exposure for young, emerging designers like myself. It gives us the chance to inspire other creatives to approach design with experimental research. But most importantly it gives us the chance to show the world our different creative mindsets and capabilities. 

How did you approach developing the designs and final works?

I approached my design process with an open mind, knowing that there will be a series of challenges. I spent weeks experimenting with different origami techniques and fabrics. Once I fell in love with one of my experiments, the designs soon fell into place and were shaped around it. 

What have been some of the challenges throughout the process?

The entire process was a whirlwind of challenges every day. The biggest challenge however was to create the perfect balance of conceptual richness while not making it over the top. The short time frame we had to create the collection also made it mentally and physically challenging. However it was all worth it in the end. 

What have you taken away from this experience? What have you learnt?

The biggest thing I have learnt from the whole process is to consider other people's opinions but in the end listen to your instinct and it will pay off. By doing this I enabled myself to pour my heart and soul into the creative process of my graduate collection. 

Have you had any professional experience in the industry?

I have been interning at Ellery with the design team which has been a fabulous way to learn about the industry. 

What did you learn?

I was thrown straight into the deep end at Ellery, though in my element it has been definitely been a steep learning curve. I think the biggest thing I have learnt would be embracing the creative process of a collection before a fashion show. Helping out the team before Paris fashion week has provided me with great insight into the professional creative process. 

What do you see as the biggest challenges affecting the industry?

I believe the increasing awareness of the effects the industry has on the environment will force brands to produce clothing in a more ethical way. Though this would be fantastic, it will be a great challenge for the industry. I hope to make a difference in the way fashion is harming the environment. 

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