Industry powerbroker Donna Player talks about her latest role as Camilla merchandise director.

What is your previous experience in the industry?

I have some 35 years experience in retail. From discount department stores, specialty stores, department stores, now involved with probably, the world’s most beautiful and colorful brand, Camilla.

What is your day to day role?

As merchandise director, I attempt to inspire and cajole the Buying and Planning teams to achieve greatness while working closely with Design to realise extraordinary Camilla’s vision to colour the world.

What is the biggest challenge in your position?

Time, or lack of it! We are working on a number of collections at any one time, best described as mental gymnastics!

What is the most rewarding aspect?

Seeing our fabulous collections come to life in our Camilla boutiques and our global partners.

What is an initiative you are most proud of?

Creating the new merchandise function, gathering a talented and fierce tribe of warriors who are determined to deliver on greatness. I couldn’t succeed without them!

What do you see as the biggest change ahead for the company?

Complexity. As we expand globally we need to deliver on differentiated collections for the hemispheres, both seasonally and end-use appropriate. Tricky, but achievable.

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