Brooke Styles - an Aussie TikTok creator with 976,000 followers - discusses the behind the scenes of creating content for TikTok. 

Which content performs best for you?

Anything with a process of being creative (making an outfit, artwork, doing a hairstyle etc) it makes viewers watch till the end which helps with video performance.

What is your best performing video? 

Making a VSCO girl starter pack which has 2.1 million views. These were aesthetic boxes that I first created as a gift but soon kicked off as a casual series on my account.

Not only as I mentioned before that it makes the viewer watch till the end to see the result but it was a trending aesthetic at the time. Also it was the first one!

Where are your audience located? Do you tailor content to these viewers?

USA, Australia and UK. 

I don't manipulate my content based on where my audience is from but it definitely makes me aware of what time to post.

Which fashion brands have you worked with? 

On TikTok I've worked with Glassons, Tiger Mist, Princess Polly, Supre, Cotton On, Sabo Skirt, H&M, General Pants and more.

They are pretty open to my own personal creativity but I do like to make sure that well performing sounds and trends are used so I put a lot of input into my videos that are sponsored.

What feedback do you get back from brands post-collaboration?

"That tiktok is crazy!!" Haha. The reach is incredible and everyone wants to get super creative.

I think brands are loving the quality of content they are being provided.

What are some dos and don'ts for the platform?

DO - work with it. It's not IG or YouTube. The app has a totally different ball game.

Express you because that's what the audience wants to see. Show off your hidden talent.

Let your hair down and keep up with trends.

DON'T - Think that what works on IG works on TikTok.

Spend a few weeks on the app learning the tone, trends and audience you want to grab before creating content.

Don't be afraid to trail and error.

What is your advice to brands when they want to work with TikTok content creators? 

Creators know the app. We must be doing something right because its been a crazy ride.

Listen to their input of what works with them on the app.

The best thing about TikTok is that its not a set box and anyone can go viral (with a following or not.) 

We all have different aesthetics, video styles and humour.

Find someone who perfectly fits your brand over the number of following.

Are there any particular posting times that generate better engagement? 

Yes and no.

It depends if your video reaches the "For You" page. If it does, hold on. This is the make or break for a video going viral.

The For You page is essentially a featured page of what's trending. So if your video hits there you will see your views

If it doesn't then this is when you are relying on your subscribed followers to pick you up. Learning where your audience is from and posting at their peak times (usually 6-7pm) helps with maximum exposure.

What does a general day in the life of a TikTok creator look like?

Wake up
Scroll the For You page to see what's trending
Plan any videos that you have found and would like to put your own spin on them
Plan any sponsored content
Film TikToks
Post and engage with following

Other comments?

I personally feel that TikTok is only just becoming mainstream since 2020 and I'm so excited to see to adaptation of brands and events based on this new platform!

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