• Roshali Kaul - Harrolds buyer
    Roshali Kaul - Harrolds buyer

In our third conversation with AAFW Buyers, Harrolds buyer Roshali Kaul discusses why genderless fashion is key for the luxury retailer. 

What are some of the top selling Australian designer brands you currently stock?

Our current customer favourites are Song for the Mute, Aaizel and Christopher Esber.

We have really been focusing on expanding our Australian and New Zealand portfolio of brands at Harrolds as there is so much local talent to be celebrated.

What designer collections are you most looking forward to seeing at Fashion Week?

I am very much looking forward to visiting the Known Agency Showroom and seeing the Aaziél, Anna Quan and Wynn Hamlyn Collections.

The show I am most looking forward to is the Next Gen Runway – it is always so refreshing to witness new and emerging designers!

What are the key pieces or categories you will be searching for?

I am looking for more genderless pieces – this is an area that has been growing for some time now and we are focusing on this category in a big way.

We will be launching the Dion Lee Unisex collection in our stores this Fall 21 season and we are incredibly excited to continue to establish ourselves in this key area.

How have purchasing habits changed during the pandemic and what are the core changes you’re seeing?

Since the pandemic, our customers are purchasing more statement shoes and investment bags as these pieces have a perceived longevity in one’s wardrobe and aren’t viewed as seasonal.

Since restrictions have somewhat eased here in Australia, customers have also been buying into lots of fun, colourful and dressier pieces – I think people are now dressing for the sake of joy after a long period of uncertainty and that is wonderful to see.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity currently as a buyer?

I think the biggest opportunity as a buyer is the ability to support and showcase young, talented designers who are going against the fashion norm and are standing up for sustainability and ethical sourcing.

It is incredibly difficult to venture into the world of sustainability and brands like Aaizel should be highlighted for leading the way for this change.

What is the biggest challenge?

I think the biggest challenge is the seasonality of fashion.

It is such a fast-paced industry and there have been many calls for brands to reduce how many collections they show in a season.

This would mean longer selling periods with less markdowns.

The challenge is to balance brands that are moving in this direction with ones that are not.

Looking forward to the resort season, what do you think will be the key trend to emerge?

I think we are moving away from trends and are focusing more on longevity and wearability.

I think genderless collections are also something we will be seeing much more of.

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