• Guangyong Chuang - Head of Digital at Hello Molly
    Guangyong Chuang - Head of Digital at Hello Molly

Hello Molly head of digital Guangyong Chuang details the challenges and opportunities in eCommerce. 

Please describe a recent successful eCommerce initiative you’ve rolled out recently.

We have been undergoing a platform migration to improve several factors like speed, discoverability, and ease of checkout.

The most important thing to us is driving the easiest checkout and decision-making process possible.

We implemented several conversion rate optimisations on-site such as progress indicators and quick add to carts.

What are the current opportunities in the eCommerce space?

A major characteristic of our business has been about our variety and choice that spans across all occasions and parts of our customers’ lives.

With such a diverse range, we need to provide an experience that is simple and quick in reaching the right product for each user.

It is with this in mind that we are working towards improving product discoverability and relevance with technology.

Search, recommendations, navigation, and a highly intelligent chat bot are all endeavours towards a seamless shopping experience.

What about the challenges?

The overhaul of tracking with iOS14.5 and what it means for the future of marketing certainly has been challenging.

We have had to be a bit more creative with our approach.

And by creative, I mean literally building better creative.

Historically, the ad platforms were making it easier and easier to do targeting with algorithmic optimisations, so a lot of the work shifted towards winning on creative as a brand.

Now, it’s a bit ironic that it might get harder to do meaningful targeting, but the solution is still the same: invest and do better in creative output.

We were already on this trajectory and will do our best to stay on course.

What excites you about the future of eCommerce?

I’m especially excited about what artificial intelligence can do for shopping.

As a marketer, I hold an unpopular opinion where I don’t mind being tracked so long as I’m unable to be personally identified.

If the data is held as an aggregate, I’d happily give it up to provide signals to improve my online experience.

Other than that, also from the perspective of a marketer, with the privacy landscape changing and the need to win on creative becoming imperative, I’m also excited for creative strategists across industries to step up and improve the baseline because I love watching great content.

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