Bronto Software has unearthed key consumer demands in its report Commerce Marketing Gurus: Top 2016 Trends.

According to the report 75% of shoppers are using online shopping carts to store items with the intention to revisit them later.

40% of shoppers will also revisit their online shopping carts during an in-store visit with only 15% of retailers reportedly sending browser recover emails when consumers abandon searches before filling a cart.

Bronto Software Australia general manager Shannon Ingrey is encouraging retailers to adopt personalisation this year in order to keep up with consumer demands.

“Savvy retailers should quickly message customers who have just purchased to thank them, offer complementary items and encourage a product or shopping experience review to generate future marketing and purchase opportunities.”

The report also spotlights mobile and social strategies as a key focus for retailers.

It suggests that delivering a premium mobile experience including options such as price check and park items will cater to the way consumers use their smart devices.

Optimising social platforms could also work to boost revenue and increase conversion with retailers promped to use customer data collected from emails to refine ecommerce messaging and segmentation.

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