Australian headwear brand Lack Of Color has vowed to take "additional care" with digital marketing campaigns.

The move comes after it revoked an advertisement featuring a model with a cigarette in her mouth.

The campaign was flagged in a complaint to the Australian Advertising Standards Board.

"They are selling a hat - but the women is wearing underwear, clearly and unhealthy weight and smoking cigarettes in the ad," the statement read.

While the Board said the model did not breach advertising codes, the depiction of smoking did.

"The Board considered that while the community tolerates a level of smoking it does not tolerate images which promote smoking as glamorous or fashionable," its ruling read.

In its response to the ruling, Lack of Color confirmed it had discontinued the ad.

"Lack of Color is now more conscious of the influence and impression its images may have on its customers and the broader community and as such additional care will be taken in the future to consider whether its digital marketing complies with the AANA Code of Ethics."

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