The data has been crunched to reveal footwear trends and sales across the country.

Cult online footwear platform Shoes of Prey has analysed sales data to reveal major indicators for shoes sales nationally.

Key findings include:

  • Australians wear above global average heel height.
  • Globally, the average heel height is 7cm, but Australian shoe lovers wear, on average, an 8.3cm heel.
  • West Australian women wear the highest heels on average of all the states.
  • South Australians and Canberrans wear the lowest heels.
  • Queenslanders are most likely to choose flats.
  • Women from New South Wales like their heels high.
  • They are the most likely to choose mid-height heels (7cm) and second most likely to choose high heels (10cm). They are least likely to choose flats and kitten heels (5.5cm).
  • Victorians are the most likely to choose high heels (10cm).
  • South Australians are most likely to choose kitten heels (5.5cms).
  • Canberrans are the least likely to wear high heels.

Shoes of Prey co-founder Jodie Fox said new trends are becoming evident in the data Shoes of Prey has collected.

“It’s interesting that despite a relatively homogenous fashion offering around Australia in high street stores, there are clear distinctions in preferences for different heel heights and shoes between the Australian states. Each state definitely has its own shoe identity.

“The average preferred heel height is declining around the world – down to 8.1cm from 8.9cm in the last two years.

“The global decline in average heel height can, in part, be attributed to the fact women can now choose a heel height that suits them.

“It’s not a one-size fits all industry — the styles available in store can be too high, too low or simply just not right for that person’s needs. With the rise of customisation in fashion, we are seeing women choose shoes and heel sizes that suit their needs without compromising on their preferred design.

"The resurgence of fashionable brogues, which we’ve seen all over the runways and on fashion bloggers the past few years, are also a key driver in the decline. Oxfords are certainly one of our most popular shoes

"Heels will always be in fashion though, and this spring I expect to see the trend of dainty stiletto sandals with ankle straps dominating the turf at Spring Racing Carnival.

"But certainly a much wider range of heel heights are now considered just as fashionable — shoe-lovers who still want high-end fashion, with a few customised tweaks to a traditional high heel, can get the perfect solution,” she said.

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