Babyanything founder Lucie Ferguson discusses the behind-the-scenes of her collaboration with Sportsgirl. 

It was such a feeling of joy when Sportsgirl approached us to collaborate.

Sportsgirl is a brand that I definitely grew up with, I come from a smaller coastal town and Sportsgirl was definitely the cool place to shop growing up.

I remember buying the jewellery for my year 10 formal from the Sportsgirl Flagship store in Sydney and thinking I looked amazing!

So to actually have my brand Babyanything making original pieces in collaboration with Sportsgirl was a real 'pinch me' moment.

Sportsgirl is an iconic Australian brand, with a strong brand identity, I was very humbled when they recognised the strength in our brand and that they could be a powerful partnership. 

For this range of 12 pieces, I had to design and make technical drawings and then we made the prototypes of each piece in sterling silver for Sportsgirl's manufacturing avenues.

The inspiration behind the collection was a youthful love of oneself and loved ones.

The single 'Lover' rings and earrings are about self-love and then we have the 'best friend' ring that splits the heart and you can give to your best friend or loved one. z

I included pearls and a pale pink stone in the floral design and heart pieces so that customers got that Babyanything aesthetic they know and adore. 

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