80% of women don't like shopping, a recent study by fashion-tech entrepreneurs Kelly Slessor and Emma Sharley has revealed.

Although 60% of traffic to a retailers’ site comes from mobile, the percentage of women buying from their mobile was below expectations.

As a result of their research, Slessor and Sharley teamed up to launch their own personalised shopping app.

The app, Shop You, uses a 'predicative fashion' program which analyses a shoppers data and behaviour to list brands that best match their size, style and preferences.

In researching the market opportunity, more than 40,000 customer reviews were read to find out what customers want from a mobile shopping experience.

Sharley said the app identifies more than just preferences but can also suggest product based on upcoming occasions and events.

“It’s about creating an experience that responds directly to your individual shopping needs. Understanding how and when you shop.

"For example, we know that 71% of women shop by occasion, so we’ve made it easy to find an outfit for an upcoming party or speaking event based on your shopper DNA; what you like, what you have previously purchased and taking into consideration external factors such as the weather.

"Other shopping platforms are product catalogues with no differentiation or personalisation. Our mission is to be the most personalised, simple way for women to shop."

Some further data from the research by Slessor and Sharley revealed;

  • Online purchases increased by 16.7% in 2017
  • 23% of females don’t like shopping because they can’t find what they want
  • 22% of females don’t like shopping because it takes too much time
  • 45% suffer from purchase uncertainty when shopping
  • 80% of women believe personal style is directly linked to their personal and professional goals
  • 85% of customer interactions will be managed autonomously by 2020, with cross-channel bots (Gartner)

Shop You has already signed on brands such as Witchery, Spell, Uniqlo and Cotton On.

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