The North Face is launching its first-ever crowdsourced digital archIve.

Announced as part of the launch of its Autumn/Winter campaign It's More Than A Jacket, the brand is calling on explorers all over the world to submit stories and images of their own well-loved gear.

The submissions have the potential to be included in The North Face’s official archive.

"For more than 55 years, The North Face has enabled exploration and helped people strive for greatness by providing the best gear to get them there," The North Face VP global brand management Mike Ferris said. 

"Our customers, the feats they have achieved, and the memories they have created are such a big part of our brand's rich DNA.

“We'll uncover what the jacket says about them as they take us back to a time, a place, an adventure where a moment was defined in their memories and when their TNF jacket was more than just a jacket.”

To launch It's More Than A Jacket in Australia and New Zealand, The North Face is joining forces with First Nations Malyangapa and Barkindji emerging talent Barkaa together with B Wise (pictured) and Yo!Mafia.

Each artist will share personal stories and take audiences on a journey to a time, place, adventure and experience where they forged their own creative path to becoming a trailblazer.

The campaign includes the brand's most iconic insulation piece - the Nuptse - now offered in a 100% recycled fabrics version. The North Face has sold over 88,000 Nuptse jackets in Australia and New Zealand in the last decade alone.

"The Nuptse jacket represents that sense of community, coming together and hip hop,” said Malyangapa Barkindji Rapper, Barkaa. “As a First Nations female rapper, I feel like The North Face Nuptse jacket is relatable to me, seeing as we hold our communities close, and at the same time paying homage to hip hop that relates to us as Black First Nations people in a colony we now call so-called `Australia’.”

The North Face has also aligned with freestyle skier Janina Kuzma as a part of their ongoing partnership.

To be featured on The North Face channels in Australia and New Zealand, the brand is calling on explorers everywhere to post to social media using the hashtag #MoreThanAJacket.

Those featured will receive a voucher for The North Face to keep the spirit of adventure going and will also have a chance to appear in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA). The museum has partnered with The North Face to bring the global archive to life through a series of participatory programs, which will launch later this year.

The programs will feature exploration's most historically significant designs and the stories behind them, alongside everyday explorers' submissions from around the world.

The North Face, a division of VF Outdoor, LLC, with headquarters in Denver, Colorado, was founded in 1966 with the goal of preparing outdoor athletes for the rigours of their next adventure.

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