The Intersection's Stephanie Onisforou pushes for the survival of Australian fashion. The Intersection houses a number of designer stores including Zimmermann, Scanlan Theodore, Camilla, Camilla and Marc and Alice McCall. 

Australian fashion is in trouble, support if you can, while you can. 

Being 19 years of age and witnessing for the first time a likely recession has been horrible. Speaking to our retailers, their staff, restauranteurs, but most importantly casuals, has been heartbreaking. 

Being in Sydney through the 2019/2020 summer, it hasn’t been just the virus that hit Australian fashion but it was the months of bushfires, they where brutal. Air so hard to breathe, many didn’t leave their homes. 

In light of such a difficult time, a positive has been truly inspiring witnessing Australians fighting spirit, with donations pouring in from all of our incredible brands at The Intersection Paddington in one way or another. 

Our brands were already struggling due to bushfires, were raising money for another cause. 

It was impressive and taught me what incredible designers, owners, retail staff can do for others when they were silently struggling.  

So my ask is anyone that can support Australian designers, our small businesses and fashion family. Support them as they supported everyone else. 

Whilst we strongly believe in the importance of physical bricks and mortar stores, if you are uncomfortable leaving your house, shop online. Just help keep these brands afloat.

While the government allows our stores to remain open, go into stores, speak to staff, and if you have an event in the coming months, buy the dress!

I have always believed in never keeping clothes for good, so buy that beautiful dress and wear it at home, take an Instagram, FaceTime a friend in your new outfit,  because, it will, brighten your and their spirits. 

Treat your home like your own catwalk, and as Sydney Fashion Week is canceled, make your home your runway! Make every week, Australian Fashion week. 

Australia without Australian fashion is not us, we are authentic, diverse and powerful, in fashion, in jewelry  and in cosmetics, we are different. 

These past months could be comparable to a boxing match, we didn’t get knocked out in round one and we certainly will not during round two. 

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