Discount department store Target has learned you win some, you lose some, sometimes at the same time.

Target has been forced to recall its Peppa Pig sleepsuit and pyjamas after failing to comply with the mandatory standard for children's nightwear.

The size of the bows has been deemed to pose a fire hazard if in contact with an exposed flame.

The garments were on sale from March 1 to June 10 via stores nationally and online.

The recall was issued yesterday, June 16.

It came just a month after a case against the same Peppa Pig sleepsuit was dismissed.

The Advertising Standards Bureau cleared the retailer over complaints a catalogue advertisment for the product.

The advertisement featured a young girl in the sleepsuit lying on a bed.

One complainant alleged said the ad was sexual in nature.

"I simply had a reaction when I saw it, a very young girl in a provocative position lying on a bed with her legs open, the folds/shading of the pyjamas accentuating the female genital area.

"I feel this girl is being portrayed in a sexual way but she is a child."

The Advertising Standards Board sided with Target and agreed the girl is wearing the product lying on a child's bed in a manner "normal and appropriate" for a young child.

Customers which purchased a Peppa Pig sleepsuit during the sales dates noted in the recall have been advised to return the product to Target for a full refund.

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