• M·A·C Cosmetics: Accuses Target Australia of selling fake M·A·C Cosmetics products.
    M·A·C Cosmetics: Accuses Target Australia of selling fake M·A·C Cosmetics products.

Discount department store Target has responded to claims it stocked counterfeit products, as it gears for an epic legal battle.

As recently reported on ragtrader.com.au, owned by Wesfarmers, is now the target of legal action by international make-up company Estee Lauder, after it accused Target of selling fake M·A·C Cosmetics at its stores.

However, Target today told ragtrader.com.au that it denies that the M·A·C Cosmetics – which the retailer has since withdrawn from its shelves and website – are fake.

“Target believes the M·A·C product supplied to Target was sourced lawfully by a domestic supplier from a legitimate M·A·C wholesaler overseas. Sourcing genuine product in this way, a process known as parallel importing, is not illegal in Australia and can result in significant savings for our customers. As a result, we can offer customers M·A·C products for 40 per cent less than other Australian retailers.”

Target also commented on the fact that Estee Lauder, which acquired M·A·C Cosmetics in 1998, has taken samples of the product sourced from Target to the the M·A·C Cosmetics US laboratory for testing.

“Target is aware of the allegations raised regarding the authenticity of the M·A·C products sold in our stores and is currently investigating, including further testing of the products by our supplier. Before going on sale in our stores and online, the product was tested by our supplier, who provided assurance it was genuine.

“However as a gesture of good faith and to act responsibly on behalf of customers, Target removed the M·A·C products from our shelves and online store until further testing is complete.”

The retailer stated that it would be “inappropriate to comment further, as this matter is now the subject of legal proceedings”.

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