Could Target remove its controversial girlswear line?

The discount department store has vowed to review its product offering after coming under fire on Facebook from parents who said its girlswear line was "trampy".

Last week, a concerned parent Ana Amini left a message on Target's Facebook page asking the company to make a clothing line for 7-14 year old girls which “doesn't make them look like tramps”.

Last year, Kmart removed a line of girl's clothing due to similar complaints on social media platforns.

Target said it will review feedback and product when contacted by sister publication Ad News.

“We will of course review all the feedback we've received and will make a decision after careful consideration,” a spokesperson said.

After the message was posted on Target's Facebook page, hundreds of users posted comments, many of them supporting the mother and arguing the department store's clothing was not appropriate for young people.

At the time, Target responded on Facebook, saying: “[B]efore products are available at Target, they are reviewed and assessed by a panel of our customers and their feedback is incorporated into our design decisions.”

This story first appeared on Ad News.

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