• TARGET: Ad under fire.
    TARGET: Ad under fire.

Retail giant Target is facing a number of complaints lodged with the ad watchdog regarding an ad for its women's underwear, with consumers arguing it "objectifies" women.

The television spot, which promoted the brand's range of ladies' underwear, showed several women in varying underwear sets and sleeping garments, including a model wearing sheer, peach coloured briefs.

The Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) confirmed it had a received a number of complaints about the ad, objecting primarily to the "see through nature" of the peach underpants. Consumers had also argued the ad "objectifies" women.

The ASB said the spot will be looked at in relation to the Australian Association of National Advertisers' objectification clause, which regulates images showing people in a sexually "exploitative and degraging" manner.

The ASB's determination is expected to be released within coming weeks.

The new complaints follow Target's recent social media controversy, which last month saw hundreds of parents arguing its young girls clothing line was "trampy".

Parent Ana Amini first took to the brand's Facebook page to ask it to make a clothing line for 7-14 year old girls which didn't "make them look like tramps".

Hundreds of other parents leapt to the support of Amini, leaving Target to face an a barrage of complaints.

This story first appeared on sister publication www.adnews.com.au.

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