Superdry has enlisted several high profile TikTokers and influencers as the faces of its latest Australasian Christmas campaign.

Gold Coast TikTok star Lakota Johnson leads the pack with 1.5 million followers on the viral social app.

Australian TikTok duo Nathaniel Taplin and Shayla Jay (230k followers) and Tim Montgomery (350k followers) have also been enlisted.

Before going live, the campaign already has an organic reach of 2.8 million prior to launch, across influencer channels and is set to be released this week in stores across Australia and New Zealand.

The campaign One For Me, One For You centres around influencers gifting each other matching pairs of Superdry slides, supporting the brand’s Christmas promotion that offers consumers two pairs for $40.

TikTok has burst onto the social media scene within the last twelve months, with third-party sources estimating it has more than one billion monthly users and 500 million daily users.

Superdry was one of Australia’s first early adapting brands to engage with the platform.

It enlisted TikTokers, through Born Bred Talent, for store launches whilst also launching a global account on the platform in August this year.

Superdry head of marketing Matthew Iozzi said the potential is limitless.

“It’s the new frontier of social media.

“We saw an opportunity to herald our Christmas campaign in a fun and super engaging way and took the leap."

Recognising that not all of its customers are avid TikTokers, Superdry’s Christmas campaign also features several high profile Aussie mums and Rugby Union twins Jean Pierre and Ruan Smith (15k).

“Our customers come from all walks of life and we wanted a cast that reflected this," Iozzi said.

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